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a love sick melody.

...blame the dork who loves art and fishing.

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my thoughts you can't decode

+ a self proclaimed ARASHI addict + other japanese ikemen.

+ is also into kpop esp. BIG BANG, SUPER JUNIOR< F.T. ISLAND, GIRLS GENERATION, etc.,

+ a determined accounting student who loves to work but is too shy to show-off.

+ is pessimistic, introverted, neat-freak, open minded, mature, responsible.

+ is weird, childish, shy, silly, stupid and impatient.

+ loves sweets especially ice cream and other cold deserts.

+ has dreams of going abroad, travel, work or live in japan or korea.

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what you want to do and what you can do are different
-- kurasawa hideo, door to door (stormy_team fansubs)
aiba masaki, arashi, big bang, choi seung-hyun (t.o.p.), dong yong-bae (taeyang), kang dae-sung (d-lite), kwon ji-yong (g-dragon), lee seung-hyun (victory), matsumoto jun, ninomiya kazunari, ohno satoshi, sakurai sho